An ancient music runs through the poetry of Manolis, so it is appropriate that his work should be presented with Greek en face. Vibrant, radiant, his poetry is steeped in an antique tradition and yet is thoroughly modern in scope and refreshingly new. It is at once devotional, musical and earthy, yielding deep impressions of a life lived passionately. Taut, lyrical and everywhere informed by a powerful and subtle melody, Vortex is a remarkable and exciting book of poems. It celebrates the natural and metaphysical worlds in a tone that is at once contemporary and classical, revealing an extraordinary range of subjects and ideas, handled with the surety of an accomplished voice. Vortex is both sculptural and ethereal, engaging both the mind and heart equally, and a delight to the senses.





I could come back —

you said

when you would call me


I could come back to saddle

my white horse and ride next to you


toward that glen where we sat

that sunlit afternoon


I could come back —

you said

without my whims


I could bring with me

the laughter we shared

in that sunlit glen


I close my eyes wondering

where you are

what keeps you away





Over fresh waves riding

directions from far away


I’ll come to you

this porous afternoon and opening


my palm I’ll place three

saved dew drops in the valley


between your breasts, one

for our lust, one singing my


endless desire for your

soft mound, the last one for


the gardenia in the flowerpot

thirsting and blooming my


wish to lie next to you when

we meet again





You always get up first

light rustle of bed-sheet

you walk to the bathroom


I stretch my leg to feel your warmth

outline of your missing body

I feel your heartbeat


pulsing smoothly on the sheet

that covered your body all night long

rhythm being in harmony with mine


I hear you brushing

your teeth

your hair

your steps slowly back to bed


waiting for me to open my eyes

like that first time

in that cheap hotel years ago


they must have demolished it by now

to build a newer and higher building


and when I pretend to wake up

like that first time you whisper


I love you