George Seferis – Collected Poems

Summer Solstice


The poplar in the little orchard

its breath counts your hours

day and night;

clepsydra filled by the sky

.n the moonlight’s strength its leaves

create black footprints on the white wall.

Along the border a few pine trees and

then marble and beams of light

and people the way people are created.

Yet the blackbird sings

as it comes to drink

and sometimes you hear the voice of a pigeon.

In the little orchard just ten yards

you can see the light of the sun falling on two red carnations

on an olive tree and a bit on the honeysuckle.

Accept who you are. Don’t

drown the poem in the deep plane trees

nourish it with the soil and the rock you have.

The rest of them—dig in the same place and

you may find them.

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