Chthonian Bodies – Manolis/Kirkby


Paperback 8.5 x 10.0 in
102 pages
ISBN: 9781926763422
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The true painter enters all gates of perception including the real and the oneiric as the difference between the two is only that of intensity. The true poet can’t describe the tree without entering deep in the core of its trunk to listen to its music and its sobbing at the sight of the axe cutting its bark because anywhere the painter and the poet gaze dead matter is inexistent and the perceived inanimate matter is as alive as the human flesh. While past and present are perceived by both the painter and the poet at face value the inexistence of the present brings the concept of the potential to the foreground. As death vanishes in the creative process so does life by entering the realm of potentiality and when one and one make two adding two monads only creates a larger monad.

Each with his own weapons, he said, the poet

The true painter and the true poet contemplate under both the gate of the abstract as well as the apparent because both are expressions of the same oneness differentiated only by the degree of attention and by the intensity of observance. Both stand before the greatness of eternity and humbly try to scratch its epidermis, only to realize it is as easy to master it as it is to quench their thirst with a glass of cool water.

‘Talk to me of the defeated to understand the victorious. Paint for me the colors of life that I perceive the definition of darkness. Verse for me the method to greatness that I learn the meaning of humbleness. Sing for me the tune of your beloved’s song that I grasp the rhythm of the universal music. Orate for our friends the verse of your heart that they contemplate on the value of oneness. Capture the essence of the divine that I grasp the very core of humanness.’

Two creators, one weapon, two different approaches one goal: immortality.




Deeply rooted
in its chthonian base
this Salish Sea
succumbs to
the whim of winds

imbibers of logic
the Great Spirit’s
indocile children

free in their roughness
calm in their sleep and
this sea

as it has been
as it has glowed

suffers not in its attachment
to earthly depths
crevasses of the mind and
insists to adorn

the tip of the painter’s
brush with its brilliance


A man of stone, chthonian apparition
exaggerated reality
accentuated masculinity
from dust to stone to dust
on guard for
my kin’s well being
a man of stone, chthonian apparition
vaguely seen in snowstorm
have guided, have led
man and beast to safety
before the complexity of foreign
god entered the land.
A stone man I am
an Inukshuk: I speak of innocence
I sing of benevolence