The Orphans

I’m touched by the poetry of this man…
– Winnie McCormick

The Orphans does not intend to change the world; it intends to open the people’s eyes.’
– Now Newspaper


English poems, 2005
113 pages
ISBN: 1-4208-7789-5
Published in 2005 by AuthorHouse
$14.95 CAD

The Motivator

Life in peace, in love all tulips.
Sunlit the orchards, saintly the light in heavens…
Before his head appears through the mother’s womb.
Before he jumps out in a paiful relief.

Ugly the first sight, tired the first spasm.
A slap on the buttocks the first breath,and a cry.
A fear installed for eternity in the grace of the cosmos
as in his psyche and on his skin.

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