George Seferis – Collected Poems

Summer Solstice


A bit longer and the sun will stop.

The ghosts of dawn

blew among the dry conches;

to a bird chirped three times, three times only;

the lizard on the white rock

remains motionless

looking at the parched grass

there where a tree snake slid away.

Black wing incises a deep gash

high in the sky’s blue dome—

look at it, it’ll open.

Birth pain of resurrection.

Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II



As evening comes army of forgotten people go out

         for cheap looting

and those smuggled who survived in their houses

and the shadow of the glass on the wall scares them

like a hand that gives alms;

then I was naked in the last row of cinema seats

watching the current events of old wars and someone

          suddenly turned off the power

although the bombing continued without audio

cities were ruined noiselessly like in fairy tales

          and the lone woman,

in the middle of the road, got a key out of her little

          purse and swallowed it

thus she has somewhere to go, in fact I, continuously,

          lighted some matches for her;

they threw me out though I climbed up the water pipes

following the limping dog to his heavenly visits

           the knife to its sob and

I now leave without leaving any trace of me behind

as if I was a totally haste sundown.

My poor flesh, besieged by arteries, pimps, autumns

always defeated behind the wooden divider;

in a vulva I discovered many empty black bottles,


the dead corner ice vendor,

emergency groups running in the darkness though

the phosphoric eyes of the cat constantly stir;

I hated you, whore, so many times that I became a

           cemetery of perjuring children and

now with my fingers on your uterus I’ll turn you

           inside out 

until a luckier number may fall out and this night