Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry, 1750-2018



Like a fairy

I enter the cane fields

reaching to their roots

feeling the caress of moist and warmth

I charge to the forests like a juvenile

to welcome the rain

with green wholeness

I touch seams of ore in the earth

which reflect and declare

their ethereal colors in my eyes.

Yes, like the color the eyes of men reflect

when the soul stays still

and the glance falls in the void.

I pass my appearance

which resembles a pointing needle

among the foliage of the trees

tasty craftiness of chlorophyll. 

I go to the hothouse of your fears looking in them

you’re afraid of your fear and what gnaws you.

Yet when drinking with your friends you leave them to forgetfulness

but your fears come back more demanding

since you don’t have the courage to face them.

Often you replace the faces of your fear

with hatred, ingratitude, subversion of others;

thus you also change.

I stand before the miraculous work of bees, that don’t know

they transform aesthetics into ambrosia with their stand

they transcend a great deed into a simple expected act.

Then, I hold my self-respect up high

like a precious possession:

my respect for the cat

which when it feels its time has come

leaves everyone behind

and bestows its body

into a schism of the earth.


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