Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry, 1750-2018



Time will come when things will change

remember this, Maria

you remember that game during the school recess

when we run holding the baton

—don’t look at me — don’t cry. You are the hope

listen, time will come                     

when children will select their parents

they won’t be born at random

there won’t be any closed doors

with stooping people outside

and we shall choose our work

we won’t be horses they look at our teeth

people —  think of it —  will talk in colors

others in musical notes

just save in a big jar with water

words and concepts such as

unadjusted, oppression, loneliness, price, gain, humiliation

for the history lesson

times are tough — I don’t want to lie — Maria

and more tough days will come

I don’t know — don’t expect too much from me —

this is what I’ve lived, this I’ve learned, this I’ve said

and from all I read I keep just one:

it only matters to remain a human being

despite all this, Maria,

we’ll change life.


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