Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry, 1750-2018



A boy has slept in the museum

for the last three thousand years

his bones have shuddered in the cold

they got full of holes for the stubbornness of the irrevocable.

A boy gets up from his bed at night

pulls the curtains aside to see the moon

the wild light startles him and he sleepwalks to the roof

just a little more and he’ll climb up to the clouds

just a little more and he’ll clean out God’s beard 

I’m lying, I’m lying a boy sleeps in the museum

eons trickle cold water on him

the eons buzz in his ears like bees

eons of ants around his mattress

just a little longer and he’ll rip the curtain of his sleep

he’ll get up and crying we’ll hug each other


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