Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry, 1750-2018



What makes you believe that

I can still live in a room

from which you have removed

with certain gusto I may add

one of its four walls?

I agree the view is better —

not that one can see at the far end

Arno and the Ponte Vecchio —

but you think this major renovation

is a good reason for us to return

with our reignited courage

during the first act of the play?

And the four syllable word on the wine bottle

and the meat cooked with prunes

and the candles that supposedly repel the mosquitos

what do they truly mean?

And the young server

with the heavy accent

from which Russian novel

has he suddenly sprang up?

And how the fact that Adorno

as you tell me emphatically

had dined with Greta Garbo

in Los Angeles in 1944

and that his dog, Ali Baba — what a name

urinated onto her book

change anything?

Do you hear the rustle of the leaves

and the voices of the children

who come down our street

on their rollerblades?

Do you know that the message they carry

belongs to a future

you haven’t imagined?

Close your eyes for a while.

Sometimes is better to look at reality

without trying to estimate

in how many minutes the sun will go down

besides right now

the point isn’t

this particular sundown

but the gift it has given us.

Did you say — wasted years?

Don’t turn melancholy.

Is there ever a Paradise

that is not lost

at the end of the dream?


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