Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry, 1750-2018



I want them to auction me

I want them to put me in jail

I want to be like Sunday

when all of us eat a sweet

I want to become a goldsmith

to cover you in gold dust

I want us to go to America

to meet with Mr. Croesus

I want to travel to India

to get burnt into a deathly pyre

chanting a Buddhist sutra

to throw my bones into the Ganges

I want to travel up the Amazon

against the current — to be eaten

by a flesh eating tropical plant

chanting a magical chant

I want to look deep into your eyes

to beg you to stop

and to be bathed for the second time

in the Niagara waterfall

I want to compete with the shadow

that always follows you

I want to sail with white sails

to Europe with the unions

I want to ascend to heaven

not to think of you ever again

to sit next to the Archangel

and we both read cheap romance magazines


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