Titos Patrikios – Selected Poems


Nights with their tightly shut doors,

in the safety of a dirty bed

in a dream that erases the footsteps

that trample darkness,

tired dream, silent, only with sperm, with saliva

spasmodically shutting the cracks of screams


and again in the lustful warmth of nakedness. 

Days with the totally hidden rust of tears

in the dark brand new suits,

days trapped in the personally won bread

and then, after the end of the celebration,

the harbor master supervises the carrying of its bones;

and from good morning to good morning, from

one silence to another,

the fear —

smoking half a cigarette between two cadavers.

Where they deny me they’ll deny me again,

forgotten, ignored, a burdensome ancient


a mask ravaged by horror and frost

like change in front of the fear of change

where they sent me away and spat on me

where they smiled at me and then they pretended

the future smokestacks, while all along, it was like

Saturday evenings with their fiancé, and

I was left alone with extended hand amid

the deserted autumns with

only the wind that applied salt deep in the wounds

that kisses opened,

there where we felt hungry together and now

they don’t share their hunger with me

where we ate together and now they don’t

even give me a piece of bread or coal

where we walked together and they now deny me

each step and stone

where we slept and now they deny me sleep

and hope

where we lived and now they deny me the door

of their houses

where we lived and now they deny me the certainty

and patience

there is where I shall go.

Because something that doesn’t vanish

exists in everyone

something exists in everyone that life holds

in its two hands tightly.



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