Wheat Ears – Selected Poems


Under the watchful eye of Hades

I used my strong hand to spread

the brown to the right  

and the bloody red to the left

          hills and paths that led

          downward to the sea

          where sweat and salt mixed.

Then for a moment I stopped

to listen to the owl’s call

requiem for my dead comrades

          hour of wisdom incarnated

          lines of people I pulled from

          the earth’s bottom

chthonian climax

unorthodox couplings

          the expert analyzer that I was

          and I counted

          the fingers and phalli of men

          eloquent contours of women 

          sea caves where future

generations were destined to dwell

labyrinthine quotations

asymmetrical widths

          elliptical lengths of shadows

          during the saddened August


Constantine P. Cavafy – Poems


Ένα κερί αρκεί.   Το φώς του αμυδρό

αρμόζει πιο καλά,   θάναι πιο συμπαθές

σαν έρθουν της Αγάπης,    σαν έρθουν η Σκιές.

Ένα κερί αρκεί.   Η κάμαρη απόψι

να μην έχει φως πολύ.   Μέσα στην ρέμβην όλως

και την υποβολή,    και με το λίγο φώς—

μέσα στην ρέμβην έτσι   θα οραματισθώ

για νάρθουν της Αγάπης,    για νάρθουν η Σκιές.


One candle is enough its dim light

will be more suitable hospitable

when the shadows come, the shadows of Love.

One candle is enough. Tonight the room

should not have too much light. Deep in reverie,

in subjection, and in the low light—

completely in reverie I shall envisage

the coming of the shadows, the shadows of Love.