Wheat Ears – Selected Poems



The morning star can never shine

as you when you appear, joy-giving lass

nor does the green clover have as much

as you have freshness on your sweetened lips

nor do the flowers of narcissus have

such fragrance as your lightest breath

nor does the bird know how to sing such

sweet songs as your inventive lips.

One only it can’t learn—to sing I love you

and for this, I dare to say, another soul may die.


Wheat Ears – Selected Poems


Why stand by your door

gazing the mountain

as if trying to paint it green

on the retinas of your eyes

and the light breeze how can

you paint it when you’re

blinded by emotion?

To what end do you point

your hand at the ice caped

peaks as if to let them know about

the ghosts never passing by

anymore, as if to tell them that

spring is coming soon

when they exude green velvet

when they redress in light hues?


Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II


     Στο βάθος, όμως, ήξερα πως κάτι το απροσδόκητο θα τα μα-

ταίωνε όλα ξαφνικά, κι όταν τους άκουγα να μιλάνε, ένιωθα σαν

να μην είχα μεγαλώσει ποτέ, τόσο ήταν αδιάφοροι (κι έπρεπε να το

προφυλάξω και κανένα μέρος δεν ήταν ασφαλές), κι όπως πήγαινα

στο δρόμο, έρημος, άπλωμα το χέρι χωρίς να `ναι κανείς, γιατί

ποιος μας λέει ότι δεν είναι κάποιος εκεί που περιμένει, τότε χτύ-

πησαν την πόρτα “πως ήρθες;” του λέω, ήταν ένα παλιός παιδικός

φίλος “έχω κάτι να τελειώσω ακόμα” είπε κι όλη τη νύχτα άκουγα

τους λυγμούς του στη διπλανή κάμαρα, γιατί είχε πεθάνει πολύ

νέος κι ήρθε να κλάψει, ώστε να τελειώσει ο προορισμός του

πάνω στη γη.


     In reality I knew that suddenly something unforeseen would had

cancelled everything and when I heard them talking I felt as if I hadn’t

grown at all so indifferent they were (and I had to protect that and

there wasn’t any safe place anywhere) and as I walked into the street

I, as desolate as ever, stretched my arm to no one because who knows

whether someone would be there waiting; then the doorbell rang “why

you returned?” I asked him; he was an old childhood friend “I still

have something to finish” he said and all night long I heard him sobbing

in the next room because he had died very young and he had come

back here to cry that his purpose on earth would be fulfilled.