Wheat Ears-Selected Poems


And I showed Zeus my first verse

maze-like delicate quatrain

eyes that became epicenter

bell that chimed its aloofness

when flat-footed I stepped into

the fresh and shallow water

vague line of the horizon

merciless hymn hymning hymnal

vespers alike pathways of my mind

traversing my archaic depths

before my advent into this world

caustic gases that choked the soldiers

orders of generals decorated for valor

and death blessing the short years

of the unlucky, loneliness

residing in my primeval verse


George Seferis – Collected Poems


One more well inside a cave.

At other times it was easy for us to draw up idols and


to please some friends who were still loyal to us.

Now the ropes are broken; only the grooves on the

        well’s lip

remind us of our past happiness

the fingers on the well’s lip, as the poet put it.

The fingers feel the coolness of the stone, a little

that the body’s heat prevails over it

and the cave gambles its soul and loses it

every moment, filled by silence, without a drop of water.


C. P. Cavafy – Poems


Την μια μονότονην ημέραν άλλη

μονότονη, απαράλλακτη ακολουθεί. Θα γίνουν

τα ίδια πράγματα, θα ξαναγίνουν πάλι —

η όμοιες στιγμές μας βρίσκουνε και μας αφίνουν.

Μήνας περνά και φέρνει άλλον μήνα.

Αυτά που έρχονται κανείς εύκολα τα εικάζει

είναι τα χθεσινά τα βαρετά εκείνα.

Και καταντά το αύριο πια σαν αύριο να μη μοιάζει.


One monotonous day is followed by

another identical monotonous day.

The same things will happen, they

will happen again—

the same moments will find us and leave us.

A month goes by and brings another month.

It’s easy to see what’s coming next;

those boring things from the day before.

Till tomorrow doesn’t feel like tomorrow at all.