Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

Poem from the book EL GRECO

Red Carpet

Like a red carpet I lay my heart

before all the ethereal fleshless

images which you have graced

with life.

in front of your fiery passion

for greatness, charisma which

transcends the ephemeral,

the only means you need.

Great grandfather were men

the same in your days?

How did your Cretan glance

embrace them?

How did the Cretan sun

which you carried in your heart

shine on them?

Your ever enduring masterpieces

your endless inspiration but a

witness to your splendorous vision,

to your celestial fervor.

A witness to your

relentless effort to unfold,

one by one, man’s

heart like the petals of a rose.

A witness to your

undying yearning to transcend

one by one the layers

of a man’s caged substance.

Step by step on the ladder upwards.

Less flesh forward:

spirit only.


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