Yannis Ritsos – Poems, Selected Books, Volume II, Second Edition


Poor besieged neighbourhood. The cloths on the cloths-line

resemble the ravaged flags of life. The damp colours shine

in the sunshine and the honest patches on the elbows and

the knees on the inside shirts and underwear — like freshly

painted skylights — if you look inside,

you’ll find each of them in its place, strong and enduring —

our neighbourhood travels with its cloths on the cloths-line

in the sunshine like a ship decorated with flags during

the fifteenth of August celebration in Tinos.

Then Alex sat on the stairs of the foreign house

and said: I love our group so much that I feel like crying

and he wiped his shoes with his hand.

And we felt the urge to kiss his dusty hands.

They killed Alex. When we pass that place in the evening

we see our motherland sitting at those same stairs

with its wiped shoes.

We are not afraid anymore. We’ll surely break down the door.

The factory closed. The young girls return from work.

Their lunch tins are carefully wrapped in cloth-napkins.

               As they pass

a smell of forest remains on the road as if spring is three

                steps behind them.

The girls have grown, they’ve become serious. They don’t laugh

                on their way anymore.

Their eyes are large and brotherly.

They kneed our anger and sorrow in their empty troughs. The stars

stir over the roof with a soft stir like sugar in the paper bag.

We’ll have flour day after tomorrow, we say, and sugar and

these girls will kneed the church bread offerings, large, round

and splattered with icing sugar and stamped not with those stamps

with the Byzantine letters but with their own hands, thin and

strong, with the hands that were schooled in the sorrow

of the whole world. 

                                                                     Athens 1941—1942



George Seferis – Collected Poems


                   Bottle in the sea

Three rocks, a few burnt up pines, a lonely chapel

and a bit higher

the same landscape is repeated

three rusted rocks in the shape of a gate

a few black and yellow burnt up pines

and a square little house, buried in whitewash

and still higher, many times over

the same landscape reappears level after level

to the horizon, to the sky at sundown.

Here we moored the ship to splice the broken oars

to drink some water and to sleep.

The sea that embittered us is deep and unexplored

and unfolds a boundless serenity.

Here among the pebbles we found a coin

and we threw the dice for it.

The youngest won it and disappeared.

We sailed away again with our broken oars.


Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry 1750-2018



Even this solemn remnant

of the ancient temple standing

like an anchorite in meditation

by the slope of the tired hill

even this they shall defile

remember it — I said

half-breed men with wide shoulder-blades

and hierodules with exquisite cheekbones

swaying their provocative buttocks

for the amusement of the winds

and for the sea’s virgin salinity

even this they shall defile

remember it — I said

aimlessly before the innocent statues

they shall desecrate and life the whore

they shall call and with stamina

and unyielding persistence they shall

bury the primeval beauty and after

they exhume the ancestral hatred

and guilt, the pneuma they shall imprison

to be guarded by Herculean arms 

and theirs the wealth

of the valley and my kin’s reward

bloodshed in streets and neighborhoods

where you and I once roamed and played

making plans for exploits and deeds

and you said —

it would have been better if we stayed

obedient to the holy and venerable

half-truths brought to our lands by easterners

at least they promised a gleaming Paradise


Ήταν η ανθρωποθυσία μέρος της ιεροπραξίας των αρχαίων Ελλήνων; (Μέρος Γ’)


Στο παρόν, θα εξετάσουμε μερικές επί πλέον περιπτώσεις που χρησιμοποιούνται εντέχνως από ορισμένους κύκλους, για να αποδείξουν δήθεν την ανωτερότητα του χριστιανισμού έναντι της ελληνικής παράδοσης. Τα προηγούμενα μέρη μπορείτε να τα βρείτε εδώ και εδώ.

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