Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II

THIS took place, especially when God’s sickness kept me

down where the futile couldn’t pass and the dead carriage

driver, standing on the railings was still holding the horses

faraway in the endless, since there wasn’t ever any return

only plenty of ancient words, repeated in a different place

or suddenly kept silent,

since we were all strangers here, simple tenants and what

occurred will re-occur and our days are the repeated

signal of something we never understood.


Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

Poem from the book IMPULSES

Hearing Aid

Growing forgetful in glory

thoughts you never had in youth

but when the chickadee chirps

you tune in your hearing aid

bask in the shape of your

statue honing fine verse

in your serene walk through

the park confer the shape

of untouched vulva

no one asks you for detail

yet you do this to persuade yourself

you can still                                                                        

recite deep verse though you’re

as fritzed as the hearing aid you like

to tune in to the chickadee’s chirp