Wheat Ears – Selected Poems


Unclasped it falls buzzing

like a wasp in a clean jar

unclasped from the underbelly

of the airplane

the bomb falls

wirelessly sending message

to computer that switches

into replacement mode

factory on alert for spent bomb

button pushed, robot’s

memory card awaken

to build the replacement

absurd absence of absurd sanity


George Seferis – Collected Poems


                   Remember the baths

                   where you were murdered

I woke up having in my hands this marble head

that exhausts my elbows and I don’t know where

         to lean it.

It was falling in the dream as I was coming out of the dream

thus our lives joined and it will be very difficult for us to

         separate again.

I gaze at it in the eyes; neither open nor closed

I speak to the mouth that keeps trying to speak

I touch the cheeks that have gone through the skin.

I don’t have any other strength;

my hands disappear and come back near me