Constantine P. Cavafy – Poems


Γιατί τα σπάσαμε τ’ αγάλματα των

γιατί τους διώξαμε απ’ τους ναούς των

διόλου δεν πέθαναν γι’ αυτό οι θεοί.

Ω, γη της Ιωνίας, σένα αγαπούν ακόμη

σένα η ψυχές των ενθυμούνται ακόμη.

Σαν ξημερώνει επάνω σου πρωϊ αυγουστιάτικο

την ατμόσφαιρα σου περνά σφρίγος απ’ την ζωή των

και κάποτ’ αιθέρια εφηβική μορφή

αόριστη, με διάβα γρήγορο,

επάνω από τους λόφους σου περνά.


Although we broke their statues,

and drove them out of their temples,

the gods did not die out at all because of that.

Oh land of Ionia, it is you they still love,

it is you their souls still remember.

When dawn comes on you of an August morning

the vigor of their lives goes through your atmosphere;

and at tines the ethereal figure of a youth,

obscure, with quick steps

passes over your hills.

Wheat Ears – Selected Poems


Often you said we needed

to change our habits

a new beginning to commence

a new purpose to seek

help to discover hope

and its elements

while all along

you remained resting

in lush recliner

and always you upheld

your beliefs while

tightly in hand

you held

the recliner’s lever