Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

Limping Man

Breeze laughed between

his limping footsteps

nature’s unforgiving mistake

struggled out of the sea

in his eyes a kingdom of kindness

saintly irises captivating

a brave man’s graceful stature

with his unbalanced steps

he balances the Universe

he searches for justice

pain of the unlike

vainly danced

in the expression of man

who limped out of the light waves

glance approved the disproportional

victorious triumph

against the unjust chaos

unequal side but an unsung song

non-rhyming poem

deficient erotic verse

aching heart of a mortal

begging for analogy

in the syllable of his smile

in the word of his uplifting courage

limping man unwritten poem

ready to spring out of my mind

to complete the day’s


Good Lord, were you drunk

when you fathered him?

Good Lord, have mercy on us,

don’t drink again!


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