Neo-Hellene Poets, an Anthology of Modern Greek Poetry, 1750-2018



You took your eyes and walked away

no one remembers where you’ve gone

and you wonder where your last tear

may fall and who will accept it

ah, the weight of such struggle overpowers you

and you seek support stretching your arm

you stop awhile whirling around, you hide your face

in your hands, then you restart. 

How you can carry on, oh sister soul, seeking forgiveness

giving back love for each of your wounds?

And how you can carry on since all your paths

have been shut over the earth?

Look, the self-deception of the world dances around you

lips lock and offerings are raised up high and laugh

you die and from the start, as if you’ve gone already —

everyone forgets of you.

I salute you! You’ve experienced life only in your dreams

for this you deserve a suitable end, beautiful soul

your apotheosis has arrived and it becomes

your first and last joy.

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