Yannis Ritsos – Poems, Selected Books, Volume II, Second Edition

YANNIS RITSOS-POEMS, Selected Books, Volume II


(Απόσπασμα-Excerpt XIX)

δε μου χρειάζεται διόλου να πετάξω,
εκεί, στο ύψος του ονείρου και της τελικής μου θέλησης, μόνη με μένα,
απαλλαγμένη από μένα, χωρισμένη
απ τα ξέχωρα δικά μου, ενωμένη με τον κόσμο. Και τα σκοινιά που με δέναν
στα χέρια, στα πόδια, στο λαιμό, κομμένα,
φτερά τώρα κι εκείνα, — να τ’ ακούω ν’ ανεμίζουν
και οι άκρες τους ν’ αγγίζουν μαλακά τον ουρανό και το χώμα —

Then, I don’t need to fly at all, there, to the height

of my last dream and my last wish, alone all alone,

freed of myself, separated from my special things

and united with the world. And the ropes that tied

my hands, legs, neck are cut, as if they were wings

too, and I hear them flutter and their edges touch

the sky and the soil softly.


Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

At the Metro

We held the same handrail

our hands touched

you smiled

movements of the vehicle

got us bumping on

and getting far from

each other, like our first dates

sometimes you hesitated

other times you dared

give yourself spontaneously

to the momentary passion

like now when the movement

of vehicle pushed you on me

and I felt the shape

of your body erotic sensation,

sudden elation I felt

as I discovered

the exquisite contour

of your left breast