Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

Fourth Canto

I stitch a leather latch on my door

keeping its serenity from copious

staggering fools laughing

as the ancient lascivious torch is lit

in the bowels of earth and

a battle of Giants reverberates

from one corner to another as

their God with stamina

of youth fights old cunning Death

over the meaning of a life or

a stigma the result being

leaves of grass stiffen against

the north wind and unfold their

satisfaction in sunshine’s arms

yet black velvet of

a hungry phallus climbs from

his subterranean realm to add

a laughing giggle to the lips of

day and turn ever-prosperous

fears to maverick months without

songs eluding to the graveness of this

absurdity and soil negates its

passive resolve to non-involvement

with opera music and spirited

fervor of lovemaking shredding even

the stiffest veil of darkness when

lips of the old woman with the

ironed breast lisps the strange

question and limp penis of

the old man ogling the moon

answers: I can do better


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