Wheat Ears – Selected Poems

Eros II

Eros appeared as if from a book page

full of advice in the form

of inexplicable riddles

aroma of gardenia rippling

into the stuffy room

          hills as smooth

          as the breast of a nubile

with a coronal on her aroused nipple when

I heard the melodious flute

          and I started

          my rigorous ascent

          straddling the brown soil 

this world I was destined

to receive and observe as if from

         the vantage point

         of regret: deep

         emotions upon which

         to lay my dreams while

the sea breeze could refresh them

and I scattered my sperm in

         bodies moaning

         during the hour of lust

         on purple rough bed-sheets

a man in the arms of a woman

the other side of pleasure

this, this the ultimate miracle



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