Wheat Ears – Selected Poems


Old Chevy squealed frustration

over the rough asphalt

just outside the little town he reached

at dusk.

They noticed his laughter

in the beer parlour

and at the convenience store

where he bought a pack of smokes.

Molly felt overwhelmed

when she looked deep in his eyes

and by chance touched his hand.

None ever called his name.

Who was the unknown soldier

who fought by our side

in the battle for the spring song?

Futility recommenced human history.

Unaccomplished travesty

when the next day on his way out of town

a door slammed behind him

and when they found him fallen

in the middle of the street

they knew he talked to our glorious ancestors

just one stratum below the reality of his dream.

The following Sunday

Molly went to church

dressed in her red dress

and on her golden hair,

the white scarf.


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